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Principal Office
Section 1.01. The principal office of the Corporation for its transaction of business is located in the County of Los Angeles.
Change of Address
Section 1.02. The Board of Directors is hereby granted full power and authority to change the principal office of the Corporation from one location to another in the County of Los Angeles, California. Any such change shall be noted by the Secretary in these Bylaws, but shall not be considered an amendment of these Bylaws.
Classification and Qualification of Members
Section 2.01. The Corporation shall have 4 classes of members as follows: Regular Member, Associate Member, Honorary Member and Charter Member.
Eligibility of Membership

Section 2.02. Any natural person is eligible to be a member of the Corporation provided that:

a. For Regular Membership:

1. Such person is at least 21 years of age.

2. Such person has an ownership interest in a Corvette automobile manufactured by General Motors.

b. For Associate Membership:

1. Need not own or intend to acquire a Corvette automobile.

2. Is sponsored for membership by a Regular member who may do so only once in a twelve month period.

c. For Honorary Membership:

1. Is granted in recognition and appreciation to those individuals who may not own a Corvette automobile and may not have the desire for regular membership, but is awarded in recognition of outstanding interest in, service or financial contribution to the Corporation.

d. For Charter Membership:

1. Need not presently own or intend to acquire a Corvette automobile.

2. At one time were regular members.

3. Is granted in recognition and appreciation to those regular members who were instrumental in forming the Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club.

Admission to Membership
Section 2.03. Any person qualified for membership under Section 2.01 of these Bylaws and eligible for membership under Section 2.02 of these Bylaws shall be admitted to membership as follows:

a. Shall satisfy the attendance requirements as set forth in the Standing Rules.

b. Shall submit an application for membership in form prescribed by the Board of Directors.

c. Be approved for membership as per the Standing Rules in effect at the time of application.
Section 2.04. The annual dues payable to the Corporation by Regular and Associate members shall be in such amounts as shall be determined by the membership. Dues shall be payable at such time or times as may be fixed by the membership. A member, on learning of the amount of dues determined by the Board of Directors and the time or times of payment fixed by the Board of Directors, may avoid liability for the dues by promptly resigning from membership, except where the member is, by contract or otherwise, liable for the dues. No dues shall be owed or paid by Charter or Honorary members.
Financial Commitments
Section 2.05. In the event any member agrees to attend a club function which has a stated cost per member, which results in a financial commitment by the Corporation and financial loss resulting from inadequate member participation, such member shall be obligated to the club in the amount of such stated cost per member if such member fails to attend for any reason.
Number of Members
Section 2.06. Regular membership shall be limited to not more than 100 Regular members at any one time. In the event the Club's regular membership is at 100, a Prospective Membership List will be maintained by the Membership Chairman per the Standing Rules. Prospective members may attend functions as per the Standing Rules.
Membership Book
Section 2.07. The Corporation shall keep in written form (or in any other form capable of being converted in to written form) a membership roster containing the name, address, and class of each member. Such roster shall be subject to the rights of inspection required by law as set forth in section 2.08 of these Bylaws.
Inspection Rights of Members Demand
Section 2.08.
a. Subject to the Corporation's rights to set aside a demand for inspection pursuant to Section 8331 of the Corporations Code and the power of the court to limit inspection rights pursuant to Section 8332 of the Corporations Code, and unless the Corporation provides a reasonable alternative as permitted by Section 2.08(c) of these Bylaws, a member satisfying the qualifications set forth hereinafter may do either or both of the following:

1. Inspect and copy the record of all the members' names and addresses, at reasonable times, on five (5) business days' prior written demand on the Corporation, which demand shall state the purpose for which the inspection rights are requested.

2. Obtain from the Secretary of the Corporation, on written demand and tender of a reasonable charge a list of the names addresses, and voting rights of those members entitled to vote for election of Directors, as of the most recent record date for which it has been compiled or as of the date of demand. The demand shall state the purpose for which the list is requested. The membership list shall be available or on before the latter (10) business days after the demand is received or after the date specified therein as the date as of which the list is to be compiled.
Members Permitted to Exercise Rights of Inspection
b. The rights set forth on Section 2.08(a) of these Bylaws may be exercised by the following:

1. Any member, for a purpose reasonably related to such person's interest as a member.

2. The authorized numbers of members for a purpose reasonably related to the members' interest as members.
Alternative Method of Achieving Purpose
c. The Corporation may, with ten (10) business days after receiving a demand pursuant to Section 2.08(a) of these Bylaws, deliver to the person or persons making the demand a written offer of an alternative method of achieving the purpose identified in said demand without providing access to or a copy of the membership list. An alternative method which reasonably and in a timely manner accomplishes the proper purpose set forth in a demand made pursuant to Section 2.08(a) of these Bylaws shall be deemed reasonable, unless within a reasonable time after acceptance of the offer, the Corporation fails to do those things which it offered to do. Any rejection of the offer shall be in writing and shall indicate the reasons to alternative proposed by the Corporation does not meet the purpose of the demand made pursuant to Section 2.08(a) of these Bylaws.
Certificates of Membership
Section 2.09. The Corporation shall not issue memberships certificates, however, the Corporation reserves the right to issue identity cards or similar devices to members which serve to identify members qualified to use the facilities or services of the Corporation.
Non-liability of Members
Section 2.10. A member of the Corporation shall not, solely because of such membership, be personally liable for the debts, obligations, or liabilities of the Corporation.
Transferability of Membership
Section 2.11. Neither the membership in the Corporation nor any rights in the membership may be transferred for value or otherwise.

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